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FIFA 17 Launches September 23 In North America, September 25 In Europe, And September 26 In The UK. FIFA 17 Adds More Living Details To The Players And Pitch With a Host Of Visual Enhancements, As Demonstrated In This New Trailer From EA Sports. Back-End Upgrades Like An Overhauled Lighting Engine Lend Player Models a More Realistic Appearance. Breathing Players And Shifting Hair Make The Game Feel More Alive From The Grass Up, While a Pitch That Visibly Degrades Over The Match And Moving Advertisements Bring Their Surroundings Closer To Real-Life.
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Tips Of Make Order And List Player:
1. Make Sure Player Server Again : (PS34/XBOX/PC/IOS/Android)
2. The Player Card of Date Issued, Bought For, And Numbers Of Owners Should Be 100% Correct.
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6. Make Sure Player Duration Must =【3 Days】, How Many Hours Now Left ??

7. If Not Received The COINS After 6 Hours, You Are Suggested 2 Ways
a.) Please Go To FIFAVIP.COM To Track Order.
b.) Please Contact Our 24/7 Live Chat. Tell Them Your Payment Email Address, Order NO.
FIFA 17 Coins Important Delivery Notice And Disclaimer :
(1) Normally , We Would Only Buy Every Player According To Your Player Details In Your Order Forms. Once We Have Bought The Player, We Have Saved All The Delivery And Transaction Screenshots/Evidences. Then Your Order Is Completed. 
(2) Every Buyer Please Fill In Correct Player Details Before Pay! Our Website Is Not Responsible For All Of The Reasons Because Of Buyer's Incorrect Player Details. If Happens, Buyer Should Take All The Responsibility Himself/Herself. 
(3) If Not Received The COINS After 6 Hours, We Suggest You Please Login Member Or Go To Fifavip.COM To Track Your Order Status. Or You Please Check Your Inbox And Spam Box Quickly Whether You Have Received Email From Our Or You Can Also Send 1 Email Asking Us Why You Not Received Your Coins.
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