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3 New Ways Of Delivering FIFA COINS

After EA "Price Range" Update

Way1: If You Have 0 Coins,  But 1+ Player,
—>We Suggest You Just Click Here To Buy FIFA 15 COINS And List Player
—>We Will Buy Your Player And You Will Receive Coins.
Due To The EA Released The New Feature Of Price Range, We Recommend
Some Specific Players All Selling At The Lowest Price Range In The Transfer Market
1. Select a Player Whose Maximum Price Range Corresponds At Least To Your Desired Amount Of Coins.
2. List This Specific Player On The Transfer List, Duration For 3 Days.
3. After Your List This Player, We Will Buy The Player Card At The Highest Price Range So That You Will Get The Coins Quickly

Way2: If You Have 0 Coins,  0 Player,
—>We Suggest You Click Here To Buy New Customized FIFA 15 Account 
With Coins On Our Website.
1.  After Paid, We Would Send 1 Confirmation Email To Your INBOX Or SPAM BOX.)
2.  After Receive The New Account:
1).  Your MUST Log Into The Account To Check Coins Amount.
2).  You MUST Use/Transfer Out ALL The Coins Of This New Account ASAP, And DO NOT Use This New Account As Your Game Login Account !
3).  You MUST Remember To Ask Your Parents To Write Down New Password/Security Answer On The Paper If You Want Reset/Change All The Password, In Case You Would Forgot!

Way3: If You Have 0 Player, But Some Coins,
—>We Suggest You Click Here To Buy FIFA 15 Leveling. We Will Help You To Transfer Coins.

1. If You Bind Your Account To Your Email / Phone / Credit Card,
 All The Log In Verification First.
2. Give Us Your Account Information Including Origin Account / PSN / XBOX Live,
Password, FUT Security Answer, And Coins
 In Your Account. 
3. We Always 100% Guarantee Your Account Security.
4. During The Transaction, Please Don’t Log In And Change Password 
Of Your Account Until We Inform You Order Completed.
5. To Secure Your Game Account, You MUST Reset All The Password Once We Inform You Order Completed.
6. Should Any Question, Please Contact Our 7/24 Online Support, Email Or Phone.

Warm Tips:
1. For FIFA 15 Leveling, You MUST Have 1+ Tradable Players In Your Account.
2. We ONLY Help You To Transfer Coins. So The Player Is Still In Your EA Account.
3. It Takes Some Time To Transfer Coins From An Account To Another. We Will Try To Finish In 24 Hours.
4. Once The Coins Been Transferred Into Your Account,
We Will Re-Check The Coins Amount And Save All The Screenshots/Evidences Of Your Account.
5. FIFA 15 Leveling Will Cost You +20% EA Tax And We Would NOT Cover This Tax.
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