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Animal Crossing Harry Potter Common Room Designs Are Spellbinding

All four of the Hogwarts common rooms featured in Harry Potter have been recreated by one fan in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. One of the most enjoyable aspects of Animal Crossing games is the freedom of expression it allows players to turn their homes into anything they can come up with, and New Horizons has seen players recreating everything from horror movie scenes to other video game franchises.

Recently sections of the A Link To The Past's overworld was made in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and players have even already been sharing codes for clothing worn by characters in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. With mods that put Isabelle from Animal Crossing into games like DOOM Eternal and the recently-remade Resident Evil 3, it seems like almost every franchise and fan community has crossed over with New Horizons at least once by this point, and now another, more magical community can be added to that list.

As shared by the creator on Twitter, now all four of the Hogwarts houses from the Harry Potter franchise have been properly represented in Animal Crossing: New Horizons as well. Each of the four houses is appropriately decorated with both the correct color schemes as well as the knick-knacks which each house is likely to have on display, with Slytherin's common room sporting a skeleton while Ravenclaw's has a telescope. According to the designer, "it took a very long time" to get all of the rooms ready to show to the public, but all of the hard work definitely paid off. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Clay, you can visit our website

While it's unlikely Animal Crossing: New Horizons allows for broomstick flights or wizard versus wizard magic battle gameplay, this simple recreation is a nice way of reminding everyone just how beloved the Harry Potter franchise continues to be. Animal Crossing: New Horizons players have the ability to make any kind of island vacation home they want, and it's interesting to see so many people use that opportunity to pay homage to their other favorite universes.

With the rumors of some sort of Harry Potter RPG game in the works, for now fan creations are one of the few methods players can engage with the Harry Potter community in new and interesting ways. As players become more familiar with Animal Crossing: New Horizons and discover new ways to design and combine ideas, there will surely be many more cool room depictions and neat crossover combinations coming soon. For now, players in both communities can simply sit back and be inspired by the hard work put into these four Hogwarts houses, and hopefully come up with something cool themselves afterwards.
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