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Archaeology is the first new skill to arrive in Runescape in four years

Archaeology is the first new skill to arrive in Runescape in four years. With 18 months of development behind it, a major storyline to set up, and hundreds of thousands of players to impress, there’s a lot of pressure riding on its release.

In 2019 Jagex released the much-anticipated Land out of Time expansion for Runescape, featuring an island full of prehistoric creatures to hunt and slay. With Archaeology—Runescape’s first skill in four years—you get to explore five dig sites full of artefacts and relics. Some of these discoveries might unlock unexpected status buffs. Oh, also, there is a brand new storyline featuring the world’s original creators—the Elder Gods.

You begin your Archaeology journey at the Kharid-Et dig site, where you receive your first Mattock—the skill’s signature tool. Beneath the city of Al Kharid you uncover long-lost relics of the God Wars, including weapons and ancient magics. Jagex felt it was important to create a new skill that appeals to both veteran players and newcomers. Buy cheap RS3 Power Leveling via reputable seller, cheap, safe, no ban and no hack happened!

While gathering Archaeology materials will take up much of a player’s time, repairing artifacts and relics are expected to make up the bulk of Archaeology rewards. Relics will be particularly useful to players grinding out the Archaeology skill, as acquiring and dissembling Relics will reward players with devices such as the Ancient Gizmo and XP Capacitor that enhance the players’ ability to earn experience in other skills. Besides rewarding the player with massive amounts of experience, repaired artifacts can be given to private collectors such as the Wise Old Man, exchanged for new currency when donated to the Varrock Museum, or simply kept by players for future use.

The reason for the shift to Archaeology is to bring the community back together again. Able to work with people you know and trust as well as randoms that are passing by or happen to need or do the same thing you and your friends are doing. A closed economy also ensures that all the items are tradeable, allowing a network of players to work together to level up and, more importantly, have fun. OG adventurers will be able to train along with the newbies and polish their brand new mattocks, together. This can also open new doors for possible friendships and players to have a mentor-apprentice relationship.
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