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C9 Online announces the Light and Darkness Update

Continent of the Ninth Seal, more commonly abbreviated as C9, has announced their Light and Darkness update! This update will have players heading to the Shadow World, new Shadow Dungeons have been added, with players being available to find crafting materials for new Legendary weapons. Shadow Dungeon-specific Spellstones are also now available for purchase. The most important change of course is the game's increased level cap to 75.

Among the new rewards and features added with this update are the new Oracle System. The system will grant players the ability to purchase various items in the game using Akene Coins. These coins are obtained via the Oracle System using points earned when clearing stages or playing matches in the Arena. A level cap increase has also been introduced, with players now being able to reach 75.

Introducing the mysterious Shadow World, Light and Darkness brings Shadow Dungeons, enormous rewards and other brand-new features that are sure to provide players with their biggest challenge yet. Players will find new items that can be used for crafting brand-new Legendary weapons in Shadow Dungeons, which can be entered from Raebin continent.

The update also introduces Akene’s Oracle System, which will grant players special rewards for their heroic adventures. Players will be able to gain Akene Points by clearing stages or playing matches in the Arena. Once a certain number of Akene Points is reached, players can then claim Akene Coins, a special currency that can only be obtained via Akene’s Oracle System. Players can use Akene Coins to purchase various items, including Legendary weapons in the Akene Coin Shop.

Dungeons get harder, but armor stays the same. To help combat this, players can now enhance their gear to +20! Enhanced success chance has been increased as well, to reduce a bit of the RNG involved in getting a high-level enhancement on armor. On top of that, the bonus from enhancing has been increased, from +2 to +9. Additionally, even stronger stat bonuses are available when enhancing above +10. These changes should really help all players across the board reach the same base floor to enjoy the new content in C9, from Legendary Weapons to +20 Armor. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy C9 Online (EU) Gold from at a reasonable price.
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