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Comparison between FIFA 18 and PES 2018

As we fanatics of FIFA franchise know, this series of games are notable for its authenticity of real life FIFA and gaming fluency contribute to its currency state in football simulation video market. But in recent years, EA Sports FIFA franchise’s biggest rival the Konami Pro Evolution Soccer franchise gradually catches FIFA’s step resort to its steady improvements in game quality and innovations. Although FIFA still occupied major shares of the market, there’re no enormous gap between the duopoly football video game brands in people’s mind.

On the threshold of publish of the two games, we are glad to make a comparison between this pair of fellow sufferers.
Maybe FIFA franchise (FIFA16~18) were more willing to see a draw of 0:0, but PES franchise absolutely dissimilar with FIFA, they encourage goal and provide all kinds of advantages for players to reach high score. The major difference between the two games are shooting: FIFA needs decent player shooting rate and gamer’s correct operation for a goal, while in PES you can hardly see a shoot deviate from the goal frame even if your striker isn’t elite. To the extent of authenticity, FIFA wins the duel.
EA Sports are continuing making their FIFA franchise closer and closer to real-life’s football matches. In FIFA 18, the passing speed and tempo are quite slow as real life broadcasting. Although sometimes gamers get tired after dozens of passing without any progress, the game seems as true as a real football match. Football isn’t a high score sports, and always end up with 0:0. PES developers absolutely know the rule, but they think for a video game, the authenticity isn’t everything cause gamers need to experience a more passionate football since real life one are too slow in rhythm. Both games are great in their direction, it all judged by players’ preference.

PES 2018 still has no official authorization of FIFA teams, league matches, kits, and players real names. North London and West Glamorgan and suck like teams still need to conceal their real names in the game, that certainly influences gameplay experience of the game according to FIFA franchise. Although some gamer self-made patches can solve this issue but it seems too perplex for light users.

But authorized tournament modes are the deficiency of FIFA franchise. There’re theme song of UEFA Champions League, Copa Libertadores, and Recopa Sudamericana cups in PES2018. This time, PES 2018 still excludes the Bundesliga.
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