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Crafted using Unreal Engine 4 and available now

Cheap V4 Red Gems Set in vibrant and massive open world,V4 features six offense-focused classes including Enchantress, Slayer and Knight, allowing each class the opportunity to deal maximum damage and destruction as they navigate through the adventure-packed environment. Players can forge powerful alliances, explore realms, and conquer the battlefield in action-filled real-time player versus player (PvP) experiences as they advance in the game.

Massive is said to be an unpredictable story weaved by a large number of players, and Guild is said to share experiences with peers through relationships that are not mechanical connections, but it can be said that the last Inter Server World is distinctive.


Each server in V4 is divided into two areas: “Silnas” in the normal area and “Lunatra” where player characters of other servers can also come and go. Lunatra has a gate called “Dimensional Boundary”, and from there , you can move to another server, Lunatra .

V4 is one of those games that if you play it casually you’ll never have the incentive to spend a dime on the game, partially because you will have absolutely no feeling of attachment toward your character and will likely get bored long before the game starts pushing you toward the cash shop. I’ve always said that the Achilles heel of games like this is because they are so shallow in terms of engagement that you never feel the incentive to actually spend money. I’m level 25 and I don’t even remember what my character’s class name is. Her name is Omali or some variation, because all of my characters are named that.

Given the fancy visuals and flashy effects on display, V4 requires a pretty hefty device to play, let alone at the highest settings.

V4 is a mobile MMO and that means accepting a lot of things that many of my readers will reject off the bat. Bad controls? Check. Mostly automated, shallow gameplay? Yes. An intrusive cash shop? Double check. A system focused on RNG meant to promote the cash shop at higher levels? Triple check. PVP to “encourage” competitive whales to spend lots of money powering their character? Check, check, check, and check.

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