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E-Sports FIFA 17 Becoming Popular in PL Clubs

Esports Already is a viable marketing channel for big brands to target extremely valuable and difficult-to-reach demographic-relatively affluent, young males. The rise of video games as a spectator sport is unquestionably an exciting trend in our industry.
Most commonly, Esports take the form of organized, multiplayer video game competitions, particularly between professional players. The most common video game genres are RTS, FPS, MOBA and Fighting.
According to FIFA President Gianni Infantino “We will be treating the FIFA games the same way we treat actually football.” FIFA and real football clubs are jumping onto the bandwagon. Besides FIFA 17, NFL 17 and other EA Series games, Call of Duty, DOTA 2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive have big deals with sponsorship companies because they know they’re going to get the audience figures.
FIFA series are now becoming one of the most popular Esports, then real football clubs are going to have to play a part and with the Esports industry value potentially smashing through the $1 billion mark.
New York City FC has made history as the first MLS club to sign a player to their Esports roster, with Christopher Holly acquired as a FIFA 17 player. Christopher will play EA Sports FIFA at gaming tournaments around the world and challenge New York City FC fans pre-match as well as our players. Never the less, Leading clubs across Europe have also moved into the Esports arena, with the first professional FIFA league launched in France.
BT Sports has taken the first step in broadcasting Esports live by buying the franchise to show the FIFA Majors. Head of BT Sport Simon Green said: ”this is yet another example of live innovation from BT Sport. Competitive, interactive football gaming is a rapidly growing industry and I’m delighted that BT Sport is now able to showcase it for the first time ever in the UK.”
Premier League clubs have also begun to see the potential of investing in Esports. West Ham were the first PL club to sign a professional gamer to their ranks. West Ham manager Slaven Bilic also expressed his pleasure in seeing West Ham looking to the future by signing a pro gamer, he said: ”Sean Allen is a big player in the Esports arena, I’m very glad we have managed to secure his services.”
Watching Esports live is still in its early stages but Scudamore is right to be concerned. The cost of following football, both at stadiums and on screens, is increasing every year. Fans feel that the corporations who now own the majority of clubs are pricing them out of the game.
Along with this trend, the forthcoming FIFA 18 (26 September 2017) will become a supernova in Esports industry and make every clubs in FIFA an Esports team this time next year..
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