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EA Sports Released FIFA 18 Pre-order Program and Cover Athlete Today

A great news comes to EA FIFA fans that EA Sports today update their official website to show us how the next generation of FIFA franchise will be and what will it bring us about. And according to social medias that the FIFA 18 has unveiled its mystery veil to let fanatics to know the details. We will continuously update every new of FIFA 18 for all your zealots once in a while.

Ronaldo Nazario
With his amazing ability of finishing and pace, the epic Brazilian forward Ronaldo Nazario, said to be the title of a brand-new FUT ICONS mode, the best of the best designation to be landing on PS4, Xbox One and PC., no PS3, no Xbox 360, absolutely confirmed by EA Sports official website.
The Cover Athlete
Although rumors goes long recent month, FIFPlay’s cover athlete vote indicated that the most likely player to be on the cover of FIFA 18 will be picked up within the three giants: Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Messi. Now the authentic cover athlete appears to be Ronaldo, who takes charge Messi’s job to be on the cover, and receives EA Sports amazing authorization fee after co-operation whti Konami’s PES 2017. What a pity for Neymar, I guess gamers will be tired to look the old face again and that may influence sells volume of the FIFA 18.
 There’s pros and cons for Ronaldo be on the cover of FIFA 18, on the one hand, EA Sports win back the ownership of the world’s best player from Konami that establish their FIFA franchise strong image in the football simulation game field, on the other hand, the exorbitant license fee that EA Sport paid to Ronaldo will certainly be imposed on FIFA 18 price that will further influence the sells volume of it.

Besides, to pre-order the Ronaldo special edition FIFA 18 and get 3-days early access to start the game (allows you to start the game 3-days before its official publishing on 26 September), 20 Jumbo Premium Gold Packs (to be used in ultimate team mode), and a Cristiano Ronaldo loan player, and more hidden gifts. Have to say EA are getting more and more greasy and greedy those years!
Nintendo Switch
It’s worth noting that Nintendo now portable console Switch has provided the first look of FIFA 18,Even though EA Sports announced that the Switch FIFA 18 isn’t represent the final version of FIFA 18. Nintendo manager Peter Moore said that the Switch version FIFA 18 will be partially revised for the best adaptability. While there’s no confirmation that when the Switch version will come out, it seems to be released after the regular publishing of PS4 / Xbox One / PC.
Nintendo share us a different new idea of consoles, its Switch is a combination of TV-based console and portable console. Compared with Wii U, Switch sales volume seems to be marginally better this time, nothing ever better than Switch in portable console field. As a general rule of thumb, Nintendo may not unlock the area limitation for the consoles and no simplified Chinese language.

Story Mode
What’s your attitude towards this year’s FIFA 18 according to present information? Everything remain to be seen furtherly. In terms of recent years’ EA Sports’ commercial plans, too much interests relatives appears in every corner of the game, such quirks also mar the reviews from FIFA zealots. That’s not crap, there’s substance to this phenomenon. Following after the ultimate team’s appearance, EA has switched their emphasis of their work onto the ultimate team IF card, which contribute a lot to their fiscal revenue. We hope that will invest back in the game’s development, especially on offline mode.
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