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EVE Echoes allow you with the ability to choose your own style of play

EVE Echoes ISK EVE Online is one of the games that remember the golden age of MMOs. The title located in a comosa played first fiddle with such giants as World of Warcraft and Lineage II. Now Eve Online is seventeen years old but production is not going to collapse at all. On the contrary work has been underway on the mobile version of the game for almost two years. EVE Echoes finally entered its open test phase late last year with mostly favorable reviews. The game would probably have been on the market for a long time but at the beginning of the year the creators at work were hindered by restrictions introduced in many countries.

Currently supported languages ​​are English Russian Chinese German French Spanish and Portuguese. Also Japanese stores are not covered and future developments have not been clarified.

On August 13 the actual game will officially begin. Everyone who registers by then cheap EVE Echoes ISK will receive additional resources to start. The more players the more resources. EVE Echoes will have no one specific goal and will provide you with the ability to choose your own style of play. You will be able to participate in battles trade or mine minerals as a miner of the future. All this in eight thousand star systems and using 100 different types of ships. The game will be available on both Android and iOS.

It is on the basis of the graphics engine of the latter company that the new game will be created. So it won't be the same Eve known from computers it's a completely separate project.

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