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Everything about FIFA 17 Mobile you should know

By the end of this year, we can summarized the football video game. FIFA and Pro evaluation Soccer are always the drastic rivals in the field of football. In this year, EA has released FIFA 17. It defeated Pro evaluation Soccer 2017 though it has got a higher assessments by IGN. In the first week of FIFA 17, it has sold 20 times than PES 2017. At the same time, FIFA 17 has taken the top 1 spot in the UK top 10 game rank list. To be honest, FIFA 17 has achieved great success this year. It is landing platform for the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC. Meanwhile you can also play it in your mobile: FIFA 17 Mobile.
FIFA 17 Mobile release date
The game was released on the Android and IOS in September.
FIFA 17 Mobile size
FIFA Mobile Soccer's size downloads in under 100MB, which means that fans can get it even without a Wi-Fi connection.
FIFA 17 Mobile supported language
It's also worth noting the game now features support in many different languages, including English, French, Brazilian, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish. EA confirmed that the game will work on mobile devices running Android 4.1 and iOS or better.
FIFA 17 Mobile leagues and players
FIFA 17 on mobile features over 30 leagues, 650 teams and more than 17,000 players. EA believes it to be the most fully-featured and authentic football experience ever for gamers on the move.
New added things
In addition to an impressive number of teams and Leagues, FIFA 17 Mobile will include a couple of game modes exclusive to the platform. Some of these include Attack Mode, online leagues, daily updates and innovative new squad-building mechanics. New controls options have been added as well, such as auto play, virtual stick and gesture controls.
FIFA 17 Mobile Attack mode
EA has added an all-new Attack Mode, which is a turn-based match offering an asynchronous experience that pits FIFA Mobile from around the world against each other. Attack Mode will have you taking part in fast, turn-based matches where your attacking chances are restricted to one half of each game, meaning every second counts.
FIFA 17 VS PES 2017
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