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FIFA 17 Cheats: Score Before the Kick Off!

FIFA 17 was released on 27 September 2016 and now it has stepped into its twilight years. But fans will never care too much how long it has released. Recently, Reddit user whisquey find a glitch that make possibility for gamers to make a goal before the match kicks off.
Let’s reveal the specific steps to achieve this miraculous goal. Just following those steps.
During both sections, if you look careful enough, you will be able to see the players posing for kit selection. Have you find them? Not only that, but you are able to blindly control them, too.
As soon as you see the opposing teams cards and formation before an Ultimate Team game kicks off, just hold the left stick upwards for a second and the shoot button to almost full power – for some reason you score about 50% of the time.
However, it’s not a project for EA Sports to have the characters pre-rendered in the background instead of to generate the player models from scratch completely.
Whatsoever, it’s a pretty trick that you can show off to your friends.
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