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FIFA 17: Most Powerful Players of Long Shot Cannon in FIFA 17

In FIFA 17, shooter with long range goal ability always make his adversaries fear of the unexpected long shoot. Here we analyzed and summarized five most competitive players of long shoot. Actually, FIFA series has tried to make players attribute as realistic as possible.
Best Five Cannons in FIFA 17
Frank Lampard was born in 20 June 1978 in London, England. He was the best scores of Midfielder in the history of Premier League and the best shooter of Chelsea, who maintain a successive 164 appearance in starting XI. Lampard scored two goals for Chelsea win against Aston Villa in PL and he had won total 203 goals for the club in all kinds of events. In FIFA 17 game, his 85 Shot Power, 82 Long Shots can always break through the defenseline and deliver a stunning goal. Lampard formally announced his retirement in 2 February 2017.
James Rodriguez was the core midfielder of Columbia National Team. He was known for his excellent passing, dribbling, and shooting. His set piece is also good enough. He is the best Latin America football player and an important role in Real Madrid, whose responsibility is to control the on-pitch rhythm. EA have certainly taken note of the Colombian’s strengths and given him a long shot rating of 91, making him deadly from anywhere outside the box and especially free-kicks from a 30-yard range.
Since the attendance into the England National Team in 2000, Steven Gerrard made 21goals in 38 appearance with the identity team leader. Gerrard in his prime was the best midfielder to ever grace the prem. He could do everything. His loyalty is only what prevented him winning more. A legend man of honor power house of Liverpool. Fans hoped he will com back to coach Liverpool since his announcement of retire 24 November 2016.
Cristiano Ronaldo Scored 55 goals for club and country last season, winning the Champions League and the European Cup for Real Madrid and Portugal respectively. While many thinks it would be more deserved if Messi and Ronaldo had the same rating in FIFA 17 (Messi 93, Ronaldo 94), it’s undeniable that Ronaldo have the most powerful strike ability as well as long shoot. He’s a well-rounded front court playmaker for his 94 Positioning, 94 Shot Power, 92 Long Shots and 88 Volleys, anyone of it was enough for others to pursuit lifelong. But he is too expensive for the price more than 1600k on PS4, 1300k on Xbox, 32 million for Real Madrid!
Manolo Gabbiadini was regarded as one of the most promising Italian players of his generation. He is a well-rounded and hardworking forward with decent shooting stats. With 89 long shots and 87 shot power, might as well play him as CM and shoot every time he gets the ball. Gabbiadini scored in each of his final three appearances for Napoli, meaning that he is now on a run of six goals in five matches. He has often scored in streaks, with his four in five and six in nine stained out from his half-season under Benitez. Price: 40K on PS4, 39K on Xbox. Worth the price!
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