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FIFA 18 TOTW SBC Release Date & News

EA Sports has made great profit from FIFA franchise Ultimate Team mode, mostly count on Team of the Week event. Will this tradition last for FIFA 18 Ultimate Team? Although EA Sports revealed lots of new contents on their website, insists that the game is re-designed upon the same engine from the ground up, shiny elements won’t be excluded yet.

Team of the Week is the most frequent fixtures of FUT, which is elected by EA Sports professional analysts depend on players’ last week’s performance. Depend on this criterion, even rookies who were just drafted by unknown teams to debut on U-18 matches will be able to get this honor if they work hard and make good grades.
In the several past versions, TOTW lineup were released on every Wednesday afternoon, by the time, players can get the special in-form player card in FUT packs, no matter Gold Pack, Premium Gold Pack, Starting Pack, Ultimate TOTW Pack, or Champions Pack. In holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, EA Sports will publish special green card and Happy Hour for players.

FUT 18 Improvements can be concluded as three key words: “Novel”, “Interesting”, and “Rich”. The Ones to Watch program introduced 23 legendary players to FUT 18, seems a football version or NBA 2K18 All-Time Team. Squad Building Challenges will features more tasks for players, like Combined Player Requirements, Brick Slots and so on. Now You can complete the brand-new League SBC and Special SBC, aside from standard Player SBC. By completing League SBC, you will master profound knowledge of current world leagues at first.
SBC always known as the most meaningful innovation of FIFA Ultimate Team for its recycling of unwanted card. For many MMOs games, players always stock full inventory unwanted materials and weapons, finally sold them to vendors or merchants. FIFA SBC make every player cards useful, for example, some cards are not in high overall rating, but its unique nationality, overall rating, position, and some certain attributes will be required for some certain SBC. You can turn the valueless cards into precious FUT packs and FUT coins by the Squad Building Challenge.

EA Sports also prepared more FUT Kits and FUT Packs for players, the former one seems useless except for decoration, and the latter one only attempts at making more revenue for the company. I still remember the FUT Champion 100 Kit, which can be only get by reach Top 100 of monthly leader board players, very impressive kit for scared away opponents. FUT pack still an abyss in the game, which shares a little sweetness to gamers, when they indulging in it, the profits comes. For every 100 opens, you can merely get your favorite card, even not your wanted position or category.
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