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FIFA 18 Walkthrough Alex Hunter Story Details

EA Sports issued the brand-new Alex Hunter life career in Premier League and new arena UEFA Champions League last Tuesday, officially announced the 2017-18 seasons new tasks – to capture the final championship in European top-flight league matches.
Last year FIFA 17 provide us an authentic footballer career life experience in Premier League, in which Alex Hunter and his best friend Gareth Walker’s encounter.

The Journey is one of the most proficient game mode for FIFA franchise, in which depicts an intensive & furious football player’s life, and record the steps our main character’s growing process. During the previous, what we know are:
√Alex Hunter has girlfriend
√Alex Hunter moves to higher level leagues
√Customized Character
√Beyond the pitch
√ Decisive choice made by player

×Multi-Endings (likely but not confirmed)
×Multi-player Career Mode (required but not provide)
×Overhaul Improvements (boast but not realistic)

The story begins at a summer when Alex Hunter played in Brazil for a pre-season tournament. His grandpa Jim Hunter, and his mother Catherine Hunter and him lived together in a small apartment. A heap of rapid knock at the door break the peaceful image – Alex Hunter’s agent rushed into his room to inform him of he hadn’t been selected by Los Blancos to sign a contract as substitute striker.
Before Hunter to be included in starting XI, he needs to play for a several matches in advance. Than the camera moves to a dressing room, in which you are waiting for the first game you were in the club to against Manchester United. Later on, Hunter was been told to start as a substitute, that greatly hurt Hunter’s passion.
Then on the second half, you have a chance to be on the pitch and been required with 10 passes, to win the game with over 8.5 rate. That easy if you’ve played FIFA 17, be careful of the passing condition. Players are not allowed to visit every corner in the world, instead of a set of successive cutscenes. However, this mode was so successful for this kind of designation which brings us the staple directly and get rid of branches.

Regardless of which club you were been drafted or how well you act on the pitch during leagues matches, Gareth will always trust and stands for you even if you two has been adversary previous in Premier League.
You'll be able to conquer Gareth Walker in the PL match before the end of the story, lead to him showing his regret outside the stadium for his behavior - until he finds out you're now friends with Williams.
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