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FIFA 18 Weird Rumors Spread Widely on the Internet

Along with the gradually warming up discussion of Electronic Arts annually publishing FIFA franchise, we’d like to switch our news topic to FIFA 18 rather than FIFA 17, even if we still continue the daily report of FIFA 17 TOTW roster. The May has past and we welcome the June, the month that EA Sport will publish its FIFA 18 Pre-order project for FIFA 17 users. If you are not familiar with FIFA 18, you can keep following us at, for we not only focus on FIFA 17 gameplay and TOTW, FIFA 18 new features and release also the importance of our job. Will you pre-order FIFA 18?


FIFA 18 is a brand-new football simulation game developed by EA Sports upon the engine Frostbite 4. Totally, it’s not a remake version of FIFA 17, but a fire-new sports game extracts the essence of previous FIFA 16 & FIFA 17 and mixed that with new elements. FIFA 18 new features will be better graphic features (facial features, crowds features, more realistic lights and shadows), more logical physical mechanism (ball-flying track, set-piece, corners), customizable career mode player (aside from Alex Hunter), News Leagues (Almost confirmed India Super League, China Super League) and some minor tweaks not list one by one.
As for new leagues of FIFA 18, we couldn’t ignore CSL, the world’s biggest country in population and international influence, which will finally get its position in FIFA franchise league roster. Whatever you consider about the CSL, it will be a huge tsunami towards the given FIFA leagues with its notable clubs such as Guangzhou Evergrande, Shanghai Shenhua, Beijing Guoan, Changchun Yatai, Shandong Luneng, Hangzhou Greentown and other clubs, in which Guangzhou Evergrande is the last championship of the league. Frankly speaking, the CLS comprehensive standard are not powerful but in which we shall see the Very Strong Shooting ability of Guangzhou Evergrande in the 2:1 win against CF America 2015, 2:0 win against Pohan Steelers 2016, 1:0 win over Sydney FC 2017.


Now there’s a rumour of the CSL we don’t know which guy said it originally, but it seems ridiculous especially for a simulation game. Let’s see what he said 2 month ago on Apptrigger.
“In FIFA 17, these stars just weren’t there. People like Hulk, Ramirez and Carlos Tevez Simply weren’t in the game. FIFA 18 adding the Chinese Super League would bring those players back, but it could also severely disrupt the way career mode functions. Mainly in the transfer window.”
He thinks that CSL’s extreme high transfer fee would made FIFA 18 transfer market imbalance and cast great influence towards PL clubs like Bayern Munich. After that improper prediction, he recommend EA Sports that give up the idea of adding CSL into the FIFA 18 and ever in this franchise. IMO, despite of the “powerful financial influence” of CLS, we couldn’t violate the fair principle of sports at first. Any clubs should have the opportunity of attending into international sports competence, not to mention is a video game, in which EA Sports developing studio can easily make a balance amongst transfer markets by rewrite several lines of code. What we concluded is there will not be any problem to introduce CLS or ISL or any other leagues into the FIFA 18. After all, it is a video game.
EA Sports hasn’t response to this point yet. We think there’s no necessity for EA Sports to do this. We’d like to see more leagues in FIFA 18 such as CSL, ISL, German 3rd League, Greek League and more, if there’s any justice of sports.
Which league would you like to see in FIFA 18? Due to the limited time and work force, EA Sports couldn’t include all leagues into the next franchise but we will see new silhouettes which we’ve never seen in the world’s best Football simulation game. We also provide cheap FIFA 18 Coins when the game published. We promise cheap price, fast transaction, and safety guaranteed FUT 18 Coins for you without hidden charges. To buy FIFA Coins, we are your best choice! Have a nice game!
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