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FIFA 18: What are you expect for the brand-new FIFA?

According to EA officials, the next generation FIFA franchise will be titled with FIFA 18, maybe a revised name for Switch version, which will publish at 26 September 2017. What we can see for the brand-new FIFA 18? As of now, we can confirm that the game will include a fire-new The Journey mode, revised physical mechanism, improved graphics of audiences, more freedom to customize the games, and so on. Here we pick up some most frequently questions and answer by our professional FIFA franchise player Donna Hart. Indeed, we welcome for your further questions and other problems around FIFA 18 Coins.

How about the gameplay of FIFA 18?
Frankly speaking , although EA sports promise to enhance the gameplay of FIFA 18 by revise the set-piece mechanism, powered by Frostbite engine the FIFA 18, we have no confidence there will be thorough changes upon gameplay of the unveiled game. If you dissatisfied with the FIFA 17 gameplay, we highly suggest you to try the PES 2018 this time. We’ve seen the humongous changes those year’s Konami PES franchise. Konami is committed to breaking new ground with the PES series, and PES 2018 will bring us a new level football game.
Will FIFA 18 support the new Xbox Scorpio ?
According to Microsoft official news, the brans-new console Xbox Scorpio will be published at the end of the year, now the Scorpio is on debugging now. So FIFA 18 may have now opportunity to landing on the Scorpio. But Microsoft may not give the giant football series for its new console, so we may see FIFA 18 landing on Scorpio nest spring. Besides the Scorpio, Microsoft has published a slimmed console Xbox One S last year. Slimmed in shape, powerful inside, the Xbox One S will also receipt the invitation of FIFA 18 for its grand user base.
Can I pre-order FIFA 18 Now?
Although EA Sports has announced that FIFA 17 user can order FIFA 18 by FIFA 17 main menu options, we haven’t see an update for this pre-order project till now. (June 5) Whenever EA Sport publish the Pre-order program, it will be in June as the convention. SO don’t worry about the pre-order. If you don’t know how to get the latest FIFA 18 news, please keep follow us, we will update most timely
Is FIFA 18 suit for lighter user?
Yes, absolutely the FIFA 18 will be more suitable for lighter user than FIFA 17 benefit from its new Career mood the Journey season 2. FIFA 17 most popular game mode Ultimate Team and Career Mode consists of the integrity of FIFA 17, and last long for the UT mode, which cost too much energetic and time and money for players to chase for the IF card and monthly leaderboard. We highly suggest EA Sports expand the formation of career mode to make it durably in offline mode, the career mode and the to be a player as well as to be a manager.

To draw a conclusion, FIFA franchise has been far deviate from its basis the offline part and altered their commercial plans into pursuing for interests and create the abnormal weekly updated TOTW to compel gamers to collect the IF cards to upgrade their team power. We suggest EA Sport stop doing this in FIFA 18 and focus back the story mode and make it able to last long even to be a collectible through the test of time.
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