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FIFA 18 Wishlist, New Features, Gameplay

FIFA 18 will take over FIFA 17 legendary historical mission to rewrite sports simulation video game history. FIFA series fans had been concerning about the game for a long time since the release date published. What do you expect from the FIFA 18? Fans are most care about thoes facets.
Improved reward mechanism should be appear in FIFA 18. During FIFA 17 and several previous versions, winning of matches rewards few coins, no more than 100 coins without achievements. Once players get hurted, your efferts gone with the wind. It’s a resonable request for FIFA 18 to increase FIFA 18 winning rewards. And it’s a key points for solving the hack or cheat problems which will certainly protect players’ account and game experiences.
Players should have the chance to play for more positions according to given situations. For instance, you can allocate Messi as winger, striker, cam, cm, lm, rm, even cb due to his versitile of football skills. That means you can make use of several same type legendary players on the pitch. When in FIFA 17, you can’t equip cm as st even whoes shooting or passing is really good. That’s a welfare for gamers.
In manager mode there should be a record of every season that players play like how many matched they’ve played, and how many goals and assists they have, intuitive statistics will help gamers know players convenient and clearly.

Player searching system should be rewrite too. I’ve always see storeies of people who accidentally purchase a FIF when trying to snipe a SIF. The special card tab on the market doesn’t make any sense. EA do it differently in Madden NFL 17 that you can search for players from specific promos, so they already do it else where! Besides, gamers can’t search spacifically for 82 or 79 rated players instead of having to try and a specific player of that rating thats cheap, of searching within price parameters and steaming through numerous of pages to find what you want.
All above are the FIFA 18 most sought-after wishes. We hope it help. For further reading of FIFA 18 wishlist and news, just keep following us We also provide cheap FIFA 18 Coins with cheap price, fast transaction, safety guarantee. To buy FUT 18 Coins, we are your best choice! We wish you a happy game! 
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