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Genshin Impact update 1.4 might feature a new challenge mode dubbed The Oceanid

Genshin Impact has been a fantastic game since day one of its launch, and the good news for those lucky enough to get a next-gen Sony console is that a PS5 version has reportedly been rated in Taiwan. While a PS5 upgraded version would be fantastic, lots of people are asking: when is the release date for Genshin Impact update 1.4? Here you’ll discover the update 1.4 release date, and you’ll also find some leaks including its possible new character banners.

For the moment since patch 1.3 is still active and no information on 1.4 has been given by miHoYo, we can only make assumptions about the next characters to be featured in future banners.

According to the speculations of a well-known leaker on Twitter, NEP NEP (source), the characters are:
  •     Ayaka who is a 5 star Cryo from Inazuma
  •     Mimi who is a 4 star Hydro from Inazuma
  •     Rosalia or Rosaria which is a 4 star Cryo coming from Mondstadt
  •     A 5-star character not announced by NEP NEP

However, according to Inverse (source) the 5-star character who did not filter in the leak could be Venti, one of the 5-star characters most appreciated by players.

Finally as regards the dates for these banners, it could take place:
  •     from March 17 to April 7 for the premiere
  •     from April 7 to April 28 or May 5 for the second

Everything must be taken with pliers, since the material may not be scheduled for the next update, version 1.4 (just see Xiao, shown in the leaks already at the dawn of the game and only arrived with update 1.3) or even it might not get out of beta testing at all and undergo heavy rework.

According to said leaks, 1.4 might feature a new challenge mode dubbed “The Oceanid” which is supposedly tougher and will feature new attacks and players will be rewarded with adventurer’s experience, rank exp, hero’s wit, wanderer’s advice, and companion experience and the event will cost 40 resins every time they attempt it, which may or may not be changed in the final release. Characters like Diona, Keqing, Lisa, Fischl, and Ganyu will get 30% water resistance and elemental recharge.

Remember that this release date is not official nor are the leaks concerning its new character banners.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens next month, but there are more immediate events fans should be excited about such as the unconfirmed arrival of Hu Tao.

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