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Genshin Impact with plans to update the game for PS5

Genshin Impact Acquaint Fate Account Genshin Impact was released on September 28 2020 on PC PS4 iOS and Android and was a hit. If we reproach him for his resemblance to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Panthaa believes that the Chinese game has its own arguments to convince with in particular its crossplay between the PC version and the mobile version.

genshin impact

IGN Japan talked to developer MiHoYo a little bit talking about plans for next-gen new content buy Genshin Impact Account characters and the like. It certainly sounds like the game is settling in for the long haul with plans to update the game for PS5 and plenty else coming our way. Even without a specific PS5 version the game will likely work on PS5 at launch through backwards compatibility even if Sony’s messaging on this front has been confusing for a little while. And that’s good news: the game is a hit and it never hurts to get a hit right before launch.

Chinese developer MiHoYo has finally spoken on the matter and delivered some crushing news for those who hoped the popular free-to-play title would come to the platform. In an interview with IGN Japan a MiHoYo spokesman stated “We currently don’t have any plans for an Xbox version of the game.” It wasn’t explained why the developer came to this conclusion but it was revealed that a PS5 iteration is in the works.

A Nintendo Switch version has already been announced for the game which obviously has had people wondering if it might expand even further to Xbox or especially the PS5. Developer MiHoYo looks at the game as a live service game so they will keep updating the game while it’s also coming to oher platforms.

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