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How to Buy Cheap FIFA 18 Coins & FIFA 18 Account

Many FIFA 17 gamers asked us “how to order fifa coins”, “I want 500K fifa coins”, and everything of the same sort on our facebook. We would like to answer all of your questions about this issue but nothing will be perfect due to we can’t reply for everyone immediately. So here comes the solution, we organized a comprehensive guide for ordering FIFA Coins & Points for you. If you have any question about this article, feel free to contact our online support.

How to Buy FIFA 14/15/16/17 for PC/Xbox360/XboxOne?
Actually, most of buyer don’t know how to buy FIFA Coins because, they don’t know the basic way of it. We mainly provide two kinds of trade method, first is coins & points transfer, second is Account. As the name indicates, by first method, we transfer coins or points to your account, while we email you an account full of coins or points by the second method.
But which kind of method you are suit for? Please look at the following tips.
Coins & Points
  ● You want to update your lineups
  ● You don’t want to change account
  ● You just start the game
  ● Account is safer than coins transfer
Actually coins & points transfer can be as safe as buying account. Once you receive the Coins or Points, use out it immediately, do not hesitate which player to buy for too long. If you want to buy a player values 5k, we suggest you buy at least 6k coins in case of price inflation.
To buy Coins & Points Account, you suggest buy as much coins or points as you can afford for that account can not be recharge later due to the safety consideration. Once you receive your Coins Account or Coins transfer, we suggest you reset your password immediately in case of the safety issue too.
5 Steps to Complete an Order

1.       Log on our website, select your platform: PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox360, XboxOne. FIFA Mobile gamer please choose from iOS / Android.

2.       Chose your game version: FIFA 14/15/16/17. Wait for the page redirect.

3.       Select your ideal amount of Coins (Points). Click “Buy Now”.

4.       In the order page, fill in blanks with star mark behind. You can find Discount Code from our Facebook & Daily News from time to time.

5.       Select your payment method, click “Submit” and fulfill your payment. Your order will be transacted within 30 mins, during which please Do Not Log in your account.
If you have troubles during the process, feel free to contact our customer service. To buy cheap FIFA 18 Coins & Points, please keep following us We promise cheap price, fast transaction, safety guarantee, and 24/7 online support. Stop hesitating, just try some cheap FUT Coins from us! We wish you a happy game!
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