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How to Get Consumables Cards in FUT 18?

FIFA 18 Consumables are actually response to FIFA 17 gamers’ appeal of multi-position of players cards, but in a deeper and more flexible form. EA Sports inject the one-off strengthen card for FUT mode instead of letting the game to be a role-playing game.

Seven Types of FIFA 18 Consumables Cards:
1. Player Training Cards (Goalkeeper training Cards)
2. Position Change Cards
3. Manager’s Leagues Cards
4. Contract Cards
5. Fitness Cards
6. Healing Cards
7. Chemistry Styles Cards
Traits of FUT 18 Consumables Cards:
1. One-off
2. Tradable
3. Classification
4. Obtainable

FIFA 18 Consumables Cards are one-off cards that only effect the next match of your players, managers, coaches, or goalkeepers. Goalkeepers has different attributes from other positions, so they got special consumable cards. Player Training Cards, Position Change Cards, Fitness Cards, Healing Cards and Chemistry Styles Cards can be used for players, effects players’ performance or position or injury recovery or attributes effected by chemistry style.
All Consumables Cards are tradable in transfer market, one you got it from packs, you can sell then for coins. Actually, we would recommend you to do this, cause the card will only last for only one match, so you’d rather sell them for more coins to upgrade your players first. This isn’t too awesome for players who has no interest in getting on the leader board.
The Consumables Cards also divided into three classes: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Bronze Consumables will deploy minor points bonus for target, Silver of medium, Gold for maximum. It’s not fixed, all depend on chance, but Gold Consumables will certainly better than Bronze one.

Functions of All Kinds of Consumables Cards:
Player Training – Players(except GK) – 3~15 Bonus – Non-Overlayable
Position Change Cards – Players – 3~15 Bonus – Overlayable
Manager’s Leagues Cards – Manager – Non-Overlayable
Contract Cards – Manager – 1~28 Bonus – Overlayable
Fitness Cards – Players – 10~60 Bonus – Overlayable
Healing Cards – Players – 1~5 Bonus – Overlayable
Chemistry Styles Cards – Players – Non-Overlayable
How to Get the FUT Consumables Cards?
√Starter Pack (for every players)
√ FUT Draft, Champions, SBC rewards
√Subsequent Events or Holiday Gifts
√Buy them in Transfer Market (Not economic)
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