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How to get the World of Warcraft Wandering Ancient Mount

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands' Patch 9.0.5 is now live but the Wandering Ancient mount might take a few days before landing in your collection. Blizzard has confirmed, shortly after the patch landed, that everyone's new tree friend is affected by a delivery delay.

Want a brand new mount in World of Warcraft for free? The Wow Wandering Ancient Mount is the one you need to get your hands on. It’s available for those players who have Shadowlands activated on their account so if you have it, keep reading to know how to get the World of Warcraft Wandering Ancient Mount.

How to Get Wandering Ancient Mount WOW?
Notice that if you have a Shadowlands license on your account, it might be an important point to receive the Mount. The player would not be able to receive it if you have only purchased the base game in order to play WoW Classic. Notice that even if you have a Shadowlands license on your account, players could not unlock or use the mount in Classic. How do you get Wandering Ancient Mount is what many are thinking about recently.

Another part of the Wandering Ancient's short showcase that stands out is the specific inclusion of the text, "the first player-voted mount." While there has yet to be any confirmation of more votes likes this in the works, it seems that Blizzard is hinting that there actually will be others. Seeing that it has nearly been six months between the end of the vote and the addition of the Wandering Ancient, however, it is not likely a new poll will be coming any time soon.

How To Claim The Wandering Ancient Mount?
When do we get the Wandering Ancient Mount? If you are wondering to know when you can get the Wandering Ancient. Notice that the Wandering Ancient is made available to all players with Shadowlands activated on their accounts. Also, know that those who purchase Shadowlands at a later date. All the eligible players can get the Wandering Ancient in their Mount Collection tabby tapping Shift + P.

In case you don’t have World of Warcraft: Shadowlands right now but will purchase it later, you will still have access to the Wow Wandering Ancient Mount. There’s nothing else you have to do to grab this mount, it’s a gift from Blizzard Entertainment for players. Since it is a collaboration between the company and WoW communities present worldwide, this is a reward for the Shadowlands launch.

While the Wandering Ancient mount delivery delay is far from ideal, you can spend the few extra days grabbing some of that freshly-added Valor, which you can use to upgrade Mythic keystone gear.

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