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How to record and save Discord audio for future use

Discord is an excellent platform that brings people of various communities together, offering endless communication tools. The downside is, most of the action happens in real-time. You can’t record and save Discord audio for future use. This is where OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) comes in handy.

Why Use OBS Studio for Recording Discord Audio?
OBS Studio is a video production and streaming software with primary features for audio and video recording, screen capture, and live streaming. The software offers a wide range of features for artists, gamers, streamers, and podcasters. On the one hand, OBS allows you to record and customize your videos the way you want. On the other, it also provides sophisticated features for audio recording and customization. The software is favored by a huge number of users spread across the world, resulting in a community that whole-heartedly shares useful software plugins and tutorials among people with common interests.

Using the Craig Chat Bot to Record Discord Audio
If you’re in charge of your own Discord server, you can use the Craig chat bot to easily record Discord audio. This bot sits in your server, ready to be invited into voice chat rooms to record conversations using a few text commands.

No concerns about immoral recordings, either—Craig won’t record without a visible label to indicate when it’s recording. Not only does it record your conversation with others, but it records each user as separate audio tracks, making it much easier to edit or cut specific speakers out, should you need to.

Along with the text-to-speech conversion, the platform even caters to integrating the stream tools with the chats. You are even allowed to broadcast your recording across multiple domains with the platform itself. With high-quality audio results, you can efficiently follow the Discord Audio recording method to overview how to record Discord audio using OBS Studio.

Here is a step-by-step guide to doing so:
  •     Start OBS Studio and go to Sources.
  •     From the list, choose Audio Output Capture to select your desktop audio output for recording.
  •     Click on the Create/Select Source option and name your desktop audio source.
  •     Press OK to confirm.
  •     Go to the Properties menu and select Device.
  •     Select the appropriate output device, for example, your speakers or headphones.
  •     Press OK to confirm.
  •     If your system has just one output device. You can use the Default settings.
  •     In the OBS window, go to the Controls section and click on the Start Recording button.

By default, OBS Studio records the audio as an MKV file with a blank video and saves it with a filename that includes the time and date of the recording.

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