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Keepping on reading our Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22 Solution guide

Everyone loves a good team-building challenge, but none as difficult as the Puzzle Master SBC in FIFA 22. This is because this particular challenge requires a lot of strategy and planning to think up of a good solution. Since the Puzzle Master has a lot of really high and specific requirements, getting everything just right is a challenge in itself. To help you construct a team capable of completing this squad building challenge, keep on reading our Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22 Solution guide.

The FIFA 22 Puzzle Master SBC is one of the hardest to complete. It takes exactly nine nationalities and seven championships, with a low of 82 and chemistry of 85, which is very painful if you're trying to figure it out on your own. Fortunately, you don't have to! Our FIFA 22 Puzzle Master SBC solution has a great way to complete it for the cheapest possible, so you don't have to break the bank with FIFA 22.

While there are likely a few solutions to Puzzle Master in FIFA 22, we’ve found one that contains plenty of Non-Rare and cheap players, which will hopefully make ticking this SBC off your FIFA 22 to-do list a whole lot easier.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team: Everything to know about the Puzzle Master SBC
Puzzle Master SBC in FIFA 22 has a very specific set of requirements. However, this does not mean that players must strictly follow the solution given here. They can swap some of the cards for those that they can acquire more easily.

Squad Conditions
  •     Exactly 9 Nationalities in Squad
  •     Exactly 7 Leagues in Squad
  •     Max 3 Players from the same Club
  •     Min. Team Rating: 82
  •     Min. Team Chemistry: 85
  •     Number of Players in the Squad: 11

Squad(s) to be submitted: 1
Group Rewards: x1 Rare Mega Pack

Here are several possible solutions to this challenge:
  • G: S. Ruffier [FRA 1 / France] - 3,300 pieces
  • DC: R. Dias [POR 1 / Portugal] - 1,500 coins
  • DC: W. Orban [GER 1 / Hungary] - 1,200 coins
  • DC: L. Perrin [FRA 1 / France] - 650 pieces
  • MD: Pizzi [POR 1 / Portugal] - 3,000 coins
  • MC: M. Lemina [TUR 1 / Gabon] - 400 coins
  • MC: J. M. Seri [TUR 1 / Ivory Coast] - 400 coins
  • MG: R. Pereyra [FR 1 / Argentina] - 1000 coins
  • AD: M. Politano [ITA 1 / Italy] - 2,000 coins
  • BU: Falcao [TUR 1 / Colombia] - 3,000 coins
  • GA: M. Oyarzabal [ZPP 1 / Spain] - 1,700 coins
  • Total: 18,150 pieces

After completing the FIFA 22 Puzzle Master SBC (Hybrid Leagues set), players will get a Rare Mega Pack, which contains 30 rare items worth 55,000 coins. Upon completing the whole League and Nations Hybrid collection of SBCs, FIFA 22 players will receive 13,000 coins and a special kit.

So, the best thing to do here is to buy the team with these players, play ten friendly matches to raise this, and then tackle the Puzzle Master squad building challenge. And that’s our Puzzle Master SBC FIFA 22 Solution guide. We hope that you have found our tips on how to solve this challenge useful.

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