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Madden NFL 22 with a string of Dynamic Gameday features exclusive to the PS5 and Xbox Series X/S

Madden NFL 21 included its share of features for next-gen consoles, and EA appears to be doing even more for the follow-up. The publisher is releasing Madden NFL 22 on August 20th with a string of "Dynamic Gameday" features exclusive to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The stadium atmosphere, on-field momentum and even home field advantages will change only if you have one of the newer systems. Even the AI is more refined on these consoles — it mimics player and team tendencies that change along with stats.

Some of these features are revitalizations of previous ones, such as the Gameday Atmosphere working to capture the unique feeling of each NFL stadium, while others are improvements on recent additions, like the utilization of NFL Next Gen stats that began in Madden 21 expanding with this year's release. According to EA, the focus of all of these improvements is to make each game feel like a unique experience and is split into three primary categories: Gameday Atmosphere, Gameday Momentum, and Next Gen Stats Star-Driven AI.

Unfortunately, the PC version will be the PS4/Xbox One version and not the next-gen version. Sports Gamers Online reached out to EA for an explanation and received a response, although it’s not one that’ll satisfy disappointed PC fans – who only just started getting the Madden games again in 2019.

Madden NFL 22’s Franchise Mode promises more comprehensive staff management and skill tree progression systems, while a new mode called The Yard includes a single player campaign and avatar progression that shares progress with the returning Face of the Franchise.

You'll still get new experiences regardless of which platform you use. A new single-player mode, The Yard, includes a new campaign and progression system that share your accomplishments with the Face of the Franchise mode. That, in turn, introduces a new story, a new player class system, and the option to play as a linebacker. The multiplayer Superstar KO mode, meanwhile, will let you use real NFL teams. Madden Ultimate Team will also introduce the next-gen stat system and half-time tweaks to major players' "X-Factors."

While it's still odd these features won't be available on PC, these updates should eliminate annoying issues from Madden 21, such as every QB making the vast majority of their throws quick checkdown passes before a play even develops. Along with promised improvements to route running, releases, more responsive control of QB scrambling and receivers turning upfield, and more intelligent tackling mechanics, the changes for Madden NFL 22 on next-gen consoles could be a big step forward.

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