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Metro Exodus takes players to the surface to explore the Russian capital and beyond

Ukrainian developer 4A Games have spent the last decade doggedly chasing the perfect adaptation of Metro, Dmitri Glukhovsky’s series of post-apocalyptic science fiction novels. In Metro 2033 and Metro: Last Light, 4A gave it everything they had, attempting to execute on their vision with the tools and funding at their disposal. They met with differing degrees of success but the vision was always clear — a medium-burn survivalist adventure that puts planning and exploration ahead of run-and-gun combat. This earned the series a cult following, a hardcore few who enjoyed its bleak and sometimes fiddly approach to survival gameplay.

Metro Exodus takes place following the events of Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light and ditches the titular Moscow metro for several large open world areas across the post-apocalypse Soviet Union. I was worried this change would spoil the terror-inducing dark, claustrophobic vibe of the previous games which distinguished them from other shooters. Fortunately, my worries were unfounded.

Visuals aside, the new setting makes for a brilliant expansion of the Metro world. Many of Artyom's excursions on the surface directly apply the familiar, oppressive horror setup to tunnels and structures filled with monsters and enemies. But connecting them all is a sprawling and beautiful semi-open world replacing the dank old rail system, filled with new stories to discover, tough choices to make and horrific creatures to be tormented by.

The size of the world isn’t the only thing that’s changed, though. In Metro 2033 and Metro Last Light, players would have to scrounge for ammunition, purchasing it from vendors, or taking it off the bodies of their enemies. This time around, you can craft your own ammo and items thanks to a new Workbench system, as well as a backpack that Artyom carries around. Resources are still scarce, though, and you’ll want to watch how you use your ammunition and filters, as getting caught low on supplies can often prove fatal.

The gameplay compliments the ambience and enhances the experience. If you fall in a swamp or get caught in a sandstorm, your guns become dirty, reducing your accuracy and rate of fire. Worse, they can jam in the middle of a fight. Having to manually eject a round from your AK-47 is pretty much the worst thing to happen when a swarm of mutants attack you, but it adds to the immersion. At times I deliberately let my gun get dirty for immersion, as having a pristine weapon in the post-apocalyptic circumstances isn’t likely, which added some grittiness to the gameplay. Combat is tense and unforgiving, with the enemies whether human or mutant being likely to rush you and get up close and personal. Gunplay is deliberately slightly sluggish to emulate handling a real weapon, but not so much that it’s unpleasant to play, adding further immersion.

Small issues aside, this is the best Metro game so far and a superbly engrossing take on the horror shooter with a charming Russian apocalypse flavour. The presentation of the story and characters might not be as slick as the world-building and combat, but if grungy sci-fi survival is your thing you won't be disappointed.

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