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Minecraft add one exciting new feature

Cheap Minecraft Coins 2020 is (finally) wrapping up in an eventful holiday season, and companies are starting to cease work temporarily to return home. Mojang Studios wanted one last "hoorah" before dispersing for the holidays, and have released the last Minecraft: Java Edition snapshot for the year with Snapshot 20w51a. This snapshot doesn't have a huge list of new changes and features, but it does add one exciting new feature expected to be a part of the upcoming Caves and Cliffs Update that's scheduled to release sometime in Summer 2021.

As the Java snapshot 20W51A notes explain, these critters love eating tropical fish, so they’ll swim around you all friendly-like if you have a tropical fish bucket. Begging for treats, I guess. You can scoop axolotls up into buckets yourself to carry around too, because they don’t like being out the water unless it’s raining (I wouldn’t try this with real axolotls). Like the real creatures, who can regenerate whole limbs and even parts of vital organs like the heart and brain, they’ll heal themselves if injured, after playing dead for a bit. If you kill something they were fighting, they’ll say thanks by giving you a burst of their regenerative powers. You can get them to fight for you too.


For Minecraft players that have been enjoying the game’s sculk sensors added in the last snapshot, the new block has received some changes. Eating no longer triggers a vibration for the sensor, as it didn’t make sense with the block’s design philosophy. It’s just as well that walking on wool or tossing wool on the ground no longer causes vibrations either. The sculk sensor has also had a number of its frequency values changed due to player feedback. The list of values changed can be found at the bottom of today’s snapshot update.

The axolotls come in a couple of different varieties in Minecraft which can be seen below courtesy of the aptly named Minecraft News Twitter account. The purple and orange variant is the rarest, so consider yourself lucky if you stumble across one of those.

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