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NBA Live 18 The One Decaying Players Collection

EA Sports’ video game always set the age 30 as the watershed of a player’s body condition for career mode, but they’ve went too far. Those most sought-after players immediately get decreased once they reaches 30. Thing will be changed since September 15, but EA Sports hasn’t made a commitment yet for the glitch along with the ever-increasing request from gamers.
Even if EA Sports will address this issue in NBA Live 18 story mode, player’s 30 decay will always remain as an authentic game content. So who will be most depressed player in Live 18? We now collected and combed the “most promising” players to be in the list of decaying players of NBA. Let’s see who topped the list!

Roy Hibbert
Hibbert born on December 11, 1986, been drafted by Toronto Raptors on 2008 NBA Draft and then been traded to Indiana Pacers. During his heydays, Pacers nearly defeated LeBron James, but finally sunk accompanied with Paul George’s injury and the dismiss of Paul George, David West, Roy Hibbert, George Hill, Lance Stevenson, and Danny Granger, the pacers starting five. Afterwards, his transfer to Lakers hasn’t saved him from the downturn state and finally end up with an identity of substitude of 5.4 points per match and 3.8 rebound, a well-deserved secondary basketballer. When in 2011-12 Season in Indiana Pacer, Hibbert scored 8.8 rebounds per game with 12.8 points per game, the statistic declined to 0.3 and 0.2 in 2016-17 Season in Denver Nuggets.

Deron Williams

He’s the another decaying player who was very competitive and notable previously. During his first professional season of 2005-04 in Utah Jazz, Deron scored 10.8 point per match while in his peak period in 2010-11 regular season his statistics boosted to 9.7 assist with 21.3 points per match. But this spectacular didn’t last long till 2012-13 season in Brooklyn Nets. Nowadays, our erstwhile hero only got 1.9 rebound, 0.3 steal, 0.3 blocks, and 7.5 points per game. That’s really poor mark even for rookies.

Jonny Flynn
Maybe he’s the most prominent player ever in the three people. He was even ranked one position higher than Stephen Curry in 2009 NBA Draft. But Curry now still performs well. Just last season, Curry got 25.3 points per match with 5.4 rebound per match. Now Flynn is much more left behind Curry, with merely 5.2 points per match in 2011-12 Portland Trail Blazers. The main reason that Flynn lost his career will be given to his injury in 2010 summer, and which constantly influenced his subsequent performance in Rockets and Trail Blazers.
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