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Rival PES2018 will Steal the Show of FIFA 18

FIFA 18, the next generation football simulation video game on PS4/XboxOne/Switch/PC. Current version FIFA 17 has got a great volume of sale during the past fiscal year, there’s no doubt that EA Sports will make the FIFA 18 better than FIFA 17 by make up its shortcomings. EA Sports are gradually abandon to make their new products appear on the E3 Conference instead of publishing all products on their own EA Play. No matter how they will make the FIFA 18 unveiled, people see the rival of EA Spoorts – Konami, planed to publish the PES2018 in advance of FIFA 18 in 14 September 2017, 12 days before the FIFA 18 publish conference.
That’s a sign of the forthcoming turbulent age of video game industry, what is a great spree for gamers. Both franchises publishing are a favorite for football fans or football video game zealots. Konami official announced that “No part of the game has been left untouched” and has promised a pile of new features in PES2018.
Konami introduced a brand-new concept of video football gaming, that is make use of different part of body to control the ball, such as shoulders, knees, even waist. Developer of PES2018 also touting a real capture system that will give stadiums realistic lighting for day/night matches.
Dislike FIFA 18, PES2018 will be available for PS3 and Xbox360 platform, if that is true, FIFA 18 would have to change their plan in the next 3 month and work out a slimmed version of FIFA 18. All in all, hardcore gamers will not pay too much attention to the graphics but to immerse into the gameplay.
FIFA 07 was the first generation in the franchise to hit on the Microsofts Xbox 360. FIFA 17 will most probably be the last generation of Xbox 360 & Sony PS3. The old does not go, the new does not come. Nintendo Switch, the new console for FIFA franchise which had been confirmed a moment ago by Nintendo and EA Sports officially. It looks like a portable console in shape and size, but has incredible computing power to run most of next generation video games.
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