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Temtem has already sold half a million copies globally

After launching in early access exactly one month ago today, Humble Bundle has announced that its Pokemon-inspired title Temtem has already reached a rather impressive milestone.

In total, Temtem has already sold over 500,000 copies around the world. While this might not be all that impressive for larger, triple-A releases, for a game of a smaller size like Temtem that is launching as an early access product, this is actually a major win. To celebrate, developer Crema released a handful of stats from the game. Some of these included the fact that over 1.4 million Temtem have been born or bred worldwide so far, the most dangerous wild Temtem is Skunch, and the most commonly picked competitive Temtem is Kinul. If you want to Buy Temtem Pansun, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

As part of the Temtem sales milestone celebration, Crema looked at things people have done in it and released a series of images bringing up stats about the game. For example, 369,035 people were beaten by Max, the rival character, in the first battle after choosing a starter Temtem. This means about 73% of the people playing couldn’t beat him. Sofia, the first dojo leader, defeated about 46% of the people who challenged her. Also, only 5.42% of the people who were playing at the time of the infographic being made actually had caught a “shiny” Temtem, which is known as a Luma.

Temtem is largely familiar territory to Digimon and Pokemon players, featuring a plethora of catchable creatures with their own abilities, elemental affinities, and other traits. There's a stamina system instead of a PP system, and combat features unique 2v2 battles for tag team action. The biggest departure is that Temtem is online and allows for native team-based co-op at any time. Gamers can connect, play, and interact with other Temtem tamers, and tackle PVP battles to boot.
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