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The artificial intelligence in FIFA 16 defends very well

It’s that time of year, FIFA is returning to consoles everywhere. The new season is fully underway and the folks at EA Sports have produced an absolute gem of a game, I must admit. There’s lots to sink your teeth into, with the gameplay getting even more life-like as the season’s pass by. Here’s my run-down of the top five things I enjoyed about their latest release! Pacy attackers have been emasculated, removing the thrlll of bursting down the wing with, for instance, Gareth Bale as he leaves defenders trailing helplessly in his wake. The speed of matches has thus been nerfed to a slow trot and it sometimes feels as if a whole avenue of attack has been shut down. Perhaps by way of compensation, EA split ground passing into two different disciplines – a conventional (but sluggish) short ball and a zippy (but difficult to control) precision ball.
My take so far is that it cuts down on the unfair pinball-like passing that could dominate matches. But with precision passing so risky, the overall effect is to dampen the pace of games to less enjoyable levels. The artificial intelligence in FIFA 16 defends very well, so it's natural that some players will find it hard to maintain possession of the ball. If that's case for you, the first thing you should do is release the sprint button. There is often a tendency to run with the ball, but this can be a big mistake. Try to pass the ball frequently, wait for the other players to occupy the empty spaces and don't risk too much. This will allow you to keep the ball for a longer period of time, and will eventually open up attacking possibilities.

As you'll see when you look at this review as a whole, I talk about the Ultimate Team part of the game more than the actual football-playing part of the game. Well, that's because you'll spend much more time in menus rather than playing football. First, the positives about the actual kicking the ball part of FIFA 16 UT. The player animations have been improved since previous iterations, with the players moving, kicking, and dribbling more smoothly in FIFA 16 UT. EA claims that it has brought console-quality gameplay to take advantage of the increased power of new mobile devices, and the game does play quite smoothly on my newer devices. Still EA forgot to add decent servers to this online-only game because four out of five games I played in this online-only game were plagued by constantly-stuttering players, frame rates that dipped to the single digits, and even lovely moments when my counterattacks failed because the frame rate dropped to 1 fps and my player literally wouldn't move. Mind you, my wireless connection is very robust, so the issues weren't on my end.
As always FIFA is choc-full of different gameplay modes like exhibition games, full seasons, grow your pro, European league, international tournaments and the always popular FIFA Ultimate Team.My personal favorite is the seasons experience where you can take charge of any of the hundreds of licensed teams and leagues and experiencing what it is like to manage your favourite team and take them all the way to the top. This includes a fully-functional transfer system with scouts and windows along with the ability to assign specific training to specific players every week to enhance your players abilities.
As for FIFA's most prized money-printing phenomenon, Ultimate Team, the starkest of differences lies within Draft mode; a new addition that allows you to put your Ultimate Team nous to the test by constructing the best-fitting team from a five-player draw in each position on the field. It's a novel inclusion in all honesty, one that feels as though its appearance is to act as a sampler of everything the mode has to offer in order to coax players into the fully fledged experience. Everything else housed within is effectively business as usual. After all, Ultimate Team is what it is; you either love it or you simply don't bother with it. And even though the fluctuating market conditions, potential to construct a team how you want to, and the general fervor around the mode are genuinely attractive propositions, there's little in this year’s offering that will convince you to shift your opinion one way or the other.
The new feature of FUT Draft is for those that don't have the time or patience to build their own team and wants to play with big names from the word go but once again it comes with a negative. You can play a maximum of four games. If you lose the first one then it's over. For playing it again you have to buy coins - which forces you to build your own teams with the average players. Or you can just spend real money and buy it. I will give it 3 out of 5 and see it as one of the weakest game by EA in last six to seven years.
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