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The eFootball PES 2021 eSerie A TIM will go live with the start

The first Esports championship of the Serie A League begins to go live, and it does so with the Draft, the first event of the competition, whose production is managed by Infront. Thirty-two players, the best of the qualifying stages, eagerly awaited to be drawn for a place in one of the seventeen clubs that, starting from March, will compete in the Regular Season, the real tournament of the eSerie A TIM based on the eFootball PES 2021 video game. by Konami.

The top eSports league in Serie A began last year with the 2020 edition and was always in collaboration with EA Sports - for example, the Italian national eSports team participates in international competitions that are played on Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer. For example, BeSports, the eSpors serie B championship is also played on PES, and as the equivalent of the top category was inaugurated last year: organized with the support of MKERS and A.C.M.E., the 20 teams of the cadet tournament participate in it and the 2021 edition and the start of the 2021 edition is scheduled in the coming months.  

The eFootball PES 2021 eSerie A TIM, meanwhile, will go live with the start of the regular season set at the end of March. On the 30th it will be the turn of groups A and B, while on the 31st those C and D. The 17 clubs, as you can see, are divided into a group of 5 teams and three groups of 4 teams that will compete to fly to the Playoffs scheduled from 27 to 28 April. In this phase, the calendar includes a double elimination draw: the three best teams in each group will access the Winner Bracket of the Playoffs and will have the opportunity to directly enter the Final. Should they suffer a defeat, the defeated teams will be able to challenge the other teams on the Last Chance side of the Playoff Board. A Lower Bracket, therefore, in all respects with exciting direct elimination matches. The best 8 teams will take part in the Final Eight mid-May.

The 4 groups of eSerie A (PES 2021)

Group A
Lazio, Juventus, Parma, Spezia, Rome
Group B
Atalanta, Turin, Sampdoria, Crotone
Group C
Sassuolo, Bologna, Cagliari, Genoa
Group D
Udinese, Benevento, Hellas Verona, Fiorentina

The most complicated grouping will be the group A. They will think about raising the level Juventus is Rome Esports, which in recent months have been fighting with the top European teams in eFootball.Pro with good results. There will also be space for Lazio Esports, Parma Esports and Spezia. Atalanta inserted in the group B with Torino Esports Team, Sampdoria and Crotone. Sassuolo Esports, Bologna, Cagliari and Genoa Esports will make up the group C. Udinese Esports, Benevento | Pyramidea Gaming, Hellas Verona Esports and Fiorentina Esports in group D.

Each team's roster consists of at least two gamers up to a maximum of three, one of which must necessarily come from the Draft stage. Team gamers must be declared at the beginning of the championship and must all have Italian residency, although the Pro Player(s) chosen by the company may also be of another nationality. The minimum age to play is 16 years and you must have a Playstation Network account, a valid Playstation Plus subscription and an active FUT account. is selling cheap PES 2021 Mobile Account, supplier price, full stock, our team will deliver the PES 2021 Mobile Account, very easy & fast.If you have any question about how to buy PES 2021 Mobile Account, please contact us via live chat, our customer service is 24 / 7 online.And, you also can sell PES 2021 Mobile Account to us, we will offer a good price and fast payment for you, feel free to contact us via live chat or Skype.
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