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The fact that Aion Classic is selling game currency for cash

Western Aion Classic surprised everyone. Some players were amazed by the queues, while others were impressed by the insolence of the developers / publishers. They were not ready for the influx of players, but they did a good job on the subscription, battle pass and Pay-2-Win elements.

What kind of servers are these? The Aion Classic servers should be with us in terms of the playful content from the patch to the release. So you can look forward to the following content:

    PvE content up to level 50
    Rift and Fortress battles in PvP
    4 basic classes, from which further specializations result in the course of the level

Compared to 2009, however, there is a customized client and some balance adjustments, including fewer experience points that are needed to reach the max level.

Aion Classic can be played for free and without a subscription, but there are strong restrictions that can only be lifted by a subscription.

Aion’s forums are absolutely raging about the Daeva pass and its candy problem afflicting Aion Classic, as we noted yesterday. NCsoft hasn’t directly addressed the outcry, but at least one member of the community team has been engaging with players and bringing feedback back to the dev team, which seemingly hasn’t made a decision about the situation.

Currently, players can purchase ten boxes of candies (containing 30 each) for a total of 450 quna — which equates to about $11. These candies can be sold for 100k Kinah (the in-game currency) each, meaning players can obtain about 3 million Kinah for spending $11. Of course, since there’s a big focus on PvP in the game, the concern here is that $11 will easily put those players ahead of those not dropping the cash.

What the company would rather you not pay attention to is the fact that Aion Classic is selling game currency for cash. Redditors and MMO Fallout noted that players can drop money on the cash shop for — and we’re not making this up — pink tiger candy, which can then be sold to in-game vendors for currency. It’s raised pay-to-win concerns already as some players demand the launch be rolled back.

Incidentally, NCsoft did tweet out that it’s OK to play on the Classic servers from outside of North America, as long as you’re not on the blocked list, which includes China, North Korea, Syria, and so forth, as well as several CIS countries. The company says it won’t ban anyone for using a VPN but suggests that doing so is “at your own risk.”

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