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The pre-patch of WoW Burning Crusade Classic lands on all currently available WoW Classic servers

On one side of the Dark Portal: Classic Classic. On the other, Burning Crusade Classic. We knew this day would come, and for months we tried to figure out how this would actually work. But just recently via Blizzard’s BlizzConline stream, we know how it’ll work. And it involves two completely different servers.

With the maintenance work on May 19, 2021, the pre-patch of WoW: Burning Crusade Classic lands on all currently available WoW Classic servers. How long does the maintenance work take? The servers should be down for around eight hours and go online around 9 a.m. CEST. However, there can also be a shift, so that the servers may remain offline longer.

Burning Crusade was the very first expansion for World of Warcraft, released in January 2007 and brought a lot to the game, including a new realm, dungeons, races, and weapons, among many other additions. It's now the first expansion that's being added to World of Warcraft Classic, expanding on the gameplay of that old-school version of the game and updating many of its features. If you want to continue to play pure Classic, with only the base game, there will be servers where you can do that, but for those wishing to move over to Burning Crusader, it's now rolling out and will be officially playable on June 1/2.

When May 18 hits, the “pre-expansion patch” will go live in Classic. At this point you’ll have two choices: you can bring them forward into the new expansion or stay in the old hotness (which will confusingly be brought forward into new “old” servers). Or, you can “clone them” for a fee.

Cloning your character does come with a fee — it was initially priced at $35, but after complaints from players, it's now been reduced to $15. This will make a pure copy of your existing WoW Classic character, and maintain one on both a Classic only server, and another on the Burning Crusader server. From there their future's will split and you'll maintain them as separate characters, but it gives you the chance to enjoy Burning Crusader as it was when the original expansion was released, as well as continue to play through the Classic game to experience all it had to offer for early players before all of the additional content was released.

Blizzard is now ready to fully explain how it’s all going to work, through this detailed blog post here. This is the gist of how cloning happens: “Upon installing and logging into the other game, in this case, World of Warcraft Classic, you’ll see [your character] listed and is greyed out. The text under her name now reads as, ‘Clone Available.’  A Clone icon will appear next to Thuata’s name as shown below. A tip will appear on mouse-over of the Clone icon. If you click the Clone icon, a confirmation window with more information will appear. It shows the ‘cloned’ date of the character which includes all progress on the character up to that date.” Then you pay the fee, and you’re good to go.

What else will change with the pre-patch?

The Burning Crusade Classic will use patch 2.4.3 as a foundation in many areas, and that will also affect the pre-patch.
  •     The upper limit for debuffs that can affect opponents at the same time has been increased from 16 to 40.
  •     Many consumables are divided into combat and guardian elixirs. You can only use one combat and guardian elixir at a time. If you throw in a vial, elixirs cannot even be used at all, as a vial is rated as a guardian and combat elixir.
  •     Items no longer provide a percentage increase in critical hit chance, hit chance or chance of evasion. Instead, the so-called "Combat Rating System" is being introduced for all values.

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