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This is Toram Online Blakcsmith Basic Guide

What is blacksmith proficiency
Blacksmith proficiency is a base level for your blacksmith, 1 level blacksmith proficiency can add 1 difficulty for create equipment

Feeling crafty? DPS getting you down? Just flat out broke? Blacksmithing could be your solution (or downfall). This guide is going to give you the lowdown on making a crafter smith, the dos, the don'ts & of course the hows.

In this post, we will tell you about the various char blacksmiths and teach you how to make char blacksmiths. Not only for your equipment needs, but you can get spina by selling the equipment you created.

You can increase the pot by using stat points on the right stat and wearing equipment with stat points.

These stats increase the pot of these weapons:
STR - 10 STR increase 2h sword pot by +1
- 20 STR increase bow, one-hand sword and halberd pot by +1
INT - 10 INT increase staff pot by +1
- 20 INT increase magic device pot by +1
VIT - 10 VIT increase armor pot by +1
AGI - 20 AGI increase halberd and magic device pot by +1
DEX - 10 DEX increase bowgun pot by +1
- 20 DEX increase bow and one-hand sword pot by +1
TEC - increases success rate!

Build stat blacksmith​
for build blacksmith you only can focus on 1 equipment if you want best result
base stat for making equipment

str : 2h sword ( primary ), bow & 1h sword ( secondary )
vit : armor ( primary )
agi : knuckle ( primary ) , magic device ( secondary)
dex : bowgun ( primary ) , bow & 1h sword ( secondary )
int : staff ( primary ) , magic device ( secondary )

*primary : will get more potential when success depends your total stat ( 10 stat = +1 potential )
*secondary : will get half potential when success ( 20 stat when success you only get +1 on secondary )

Once you choose which gear type you want to make, you need to level your character. I prefer to cap my blacksmith levels for maximum efficiency & to ensure I'm not wasting my mats. Choose "TEC" as your personal stat. This will increase chances of craft success. For your stats, input a MAXIMUM of 250 points OR 240 points (if you mainly want to craft high pot secondary weapons, SEE SECONDARY) Every 10 stat points = 1 potential on your gear, total additional pot to base is 25 with 250stat points.

There are many types of char blacksmith, you can make it according to your own wishes. By knowing the potential amount that will increase at each base stat, you should be able to get an idea of ​​the char blacksmith that you might want to create. First, it will be difficult to understand, but when you have been in the blacksmith field for a long time you will find out that this is indeed easy.

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