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We have listed all the pitching controls and how they work in MLB The Show 21

MLB The Show 21 returns with all of its traditional pitching interfaces intact. If you’re here, you’re probably wondering how to pitch and how the interfaces work. In this guide we’ll go over our favorite pitching interfaces for beginners learning how to pitch in MLB The Show 21.

What we find online is many new users are trying too hard or doing too much. Not every pitch thrown your way is hittable. We also see a lot of users that are new to baseball and just do not understand pitch counts. Further, this can lead to an overall lack of situational awareness. Take a peek at our guide, and take a deep breath in the zen garden that is the baseball diamond.

Pitching settings is like choosing your controls for pitching, where this setting can be picked when you have chosen your team. The best way to understand each of the pitching controls is to try out each method and decide which one works for you best.

Classic Pitching
Classic pitching is a great choice for players who don't want their pitching to be complex and would like near-precise control as to where the ball will be heading.

To use Classic pitching, players simply need to select what type of pitch they want to throw and aim the cursor, then let the pitcher do the rest.

Pinpoint Pitching
For a more challenging and authentic experience of the game, you have Pinpoint Pitching which sets up multiple mechanics you have to master in order to pitch accurately.

You also have to note that the patterns will differ as you play with a different pitcher, which makes things even more interesting as it forces you to learn new pitching patterns.

Pulse Pitching
The Pulse method of pitching is very similar to the Classic style but with an extra layer of difficulty. Whereas Classic ensures players that the ball will be traveling where they intend, Pulse adds a margin of error due to a pulsating circle around the targeted area. Understanding the method isn't too tricky, though nailing the timing can take a bit of practice.

Finally, Pure Analog is similar to Meter, except instead of using the pitch button, you use your analog stick. Depending on your skill with it, some players might prefer the analog stick, but this is purely based on preference.

Ultimately, though, the best pitching meter is always going to be the one that you feel most comfortable with.

Now imagine working yourself into a 3-1 count with one of the major sluggers? You see that desperate pitch coming right down the middle of the plate, as the other player is praying you do not walk. That is when you pummel the ball out of the park.

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