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World of Warcraft Classic doesn’t cost anything upfront

World of Warcraft Classic is available now on PC and Mac. You can download the game client on As far as price, World of Warcraft Classic doesn’t cost anything upfront. However, you need to have an active WoW subscription to play. Subscriptions are $15 per month, and if you already have a current WoW subscription you’re good to go. A subscription covers both modern WoW and Classic. You can save money by purchasing a six-month subscription for $13/month or a three-month subscription for $14/month.

You can currently create characters and select the realm you want to play on before the game goes live later today. Blizzard opened up character creation and realm selection a couple of weeks ago in order to allow players to claim their character names, so while you may have missed the boat on your chance to claim a common name, you can still get your characters created now and start playing right when the game goes live.

Blizzard recently upped the per-realm character limit, taking it from three to 10 per realm, with a grand total of 50 characters allowed per account across all realms. The company also added five new realms to the server list, with four of them being player-vs-player realms and the final one being a normal, player-vs-environment realm. If you’re creating your characters now, try to avoid creating them on high or full population realms, as you’ll almost certainly be stuck in a queue when you try to log in after launch. If you want to Buy WOW Vanilla Gold safe, you can come to for help. is the best online store that has about 10 years of selling game currencies experience.

World of Warcraft Classic won't be going all the way back to day one. Instead, it will start with the "Drums of War" patch, which released on August 22, 2006. This is what Blizzard has decided represents the "finished" state of the original World of Warcraft, when it was at its most stable and feature-complete but before what we'll call "new content" started rolling out.

World of Warcraft Classic will indeed be getting updates to roll out newer features over time, though it’s not yet clear if it’ll be getting full-on expansion add-ons. Blizzard will be keeping an ear to the community to see just how far the resurrection of Vanilla game will go. But the consensus seems to be that fans would be happy to see the game reach its third, hugely popular expansion pack, Wrath of the Lich King.
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