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World of WarCraft Classic: Second content phase later this year

If the Realms of World of WarCraft Classic only have a "layer", Blizzard Entertainment would like to usher in the next Classic phase and bring the next content via update. For Phase 2, the Dungeon, the two world bosses Azurego and Kazzak, the Honor System (including dishonorable victories), and PvP rank rewards are planned - and most likely the keychain as an add-on key deposit. Ion Hazzikostas (Game Director of World of WarCraft) is also confident that Phase 2 will start later this year (Source: PC Gamer via Wowhead).

Community manager Toschayju wrote about the current server population and the still available character transfers against login queues in the forum: "(...) Before we introduce world bosses, we will put all realms on a single layer, and we have made great progress as far as this goal is concerned.

Mainly, the characters of the players have reached higher levels and have spread throughout the game world. This has allowed us to accommodate more players per layer, which means that each realm needs fewer layers. The last time a server in this region had more than three layers was the first week of September. Shortly thereafter, just about all realms have reached two layers.

wow classic

In the meantime, the Realm 'Heartstriker' had reached its final state with a single layer, and we fixed that with a change earlier this week by permanently setting it to a layer.

Notice another change we will make in the coming days: Soon, realms that run with more than one layer will show up on the realm selection screen. In addition to these realms, the realm list will show 'Layered'. After that you will only see the display for full / high / medium / low for realms that are permanently set to a layer.

We plan to switch more realms to a single layer over time, and will continue to provide free character transfers to balance real-world populations and shorten login queues. To avoid queuing in the future, we encourage you to take advantage of this offer as soon as possible. "

Against the "rush" at the release launch of World of WarCraft Classic, the layering system was used. With "Layering" it will be possible to run multiple versions of both continents (Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms) as needed. These "copies" are not cross-realm and should only be used so that the whole realm population is not traveling in one area at the same time (e.g., the launch area). The "layering technique" will ensure that players who are in a group can travel together.

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