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World of Warcraft Shadowlands feels like one of the most refined expansions so far

World of Warcraft has been rolling for 16 years now, and I've been playing it for a good chunk of that time. Returning after a year-long break at the end of Battle for Azeroth, just in time to get my house in order for Shadowlands may have coloured my experience somewhat, but so far I'm really enjoying what Blizzard has done with its eighth expansion.

Shadowlands loses none of that, and feels like one of the most refined expansions so far.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands could have launched in a mediocre state and it still would have beeen considered a success after Battle for Azeroth. Arguably the long-running MMO’s worst expansion, Battle for Azeroth set the bar so low that all Shadowlands had to do was step over it. That’s not exactly the stiffest of challenges, and had Blizzard simply phoned Shadowlands in no one would have been too surprised.

One of the biggest changes that Shadowlands will bring to World of Warcraft is a cut in the level system. Currently, with Battle for Azeroth, the maximum level is 120, but when the next expansion arrives, that limit will be cut to 60. In fact, the current experience available will be from 1 to 50, while Shadowlands will be indicated for players 50 to 60.

The story begins with longstanding warrior-queen Sylvanas Windrunner tearing open a hole into the Shadowlands – Warcraft’s afterlife. You’re introduced to a brand new world with one of the biggest baddies to date: the Jailer, who rules the Hades-esque Maw.

You have to complete the story before unlocking the endgame, whether you have reached the new level cap of 60 or not. Story “campaign” quests have a new icon to differentiate them from standard side quests, and experience has been balanced in such a way that all I had to do to keep pace was run a daily dungeon or two between zones. It’s all very snappy and ensures the overarching story isn’t littered with gaps, abrupt leaps in logic, or disjointed. You’re still fundamentally killing 10 boars and picking 15 flowers for each and every quest, but the stronger narrative flow overcomes this great MMO sin.

As for the new area of ​​Exile's Reach, it is essentially an island that you discover after being shipwrecked onboard your Horde or Alliance ship. This is an island closed to other players, which means that from 1 to 10 you will be completely alone to learn how World of Warcraft works. Both the story of Exile's Reach, as well as its missions, were designed to teach the player the peculiarities of the interface, the game mechanics, and the functioning of their class. For example, in the case of the Paladin, you will have to use the Divine Shield to collect an item, positioned within flames that will kill you if you don't have the shield activated.

Shadowlands isn't perfect, but there's a flawed beauty to it. And it's a game that is easy to come back to and enjoy, and a month after release, that's exactly what I am doing. Enjoying it.

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